can i pick a color

The most common question we get is, “can I pick a color” and the answer is: sort of, sometimes. Because we’re essentially getting the next container off the stack at the intermodal depot that meets the criteria you requested, we can’t select a color… For used containers we are unable to allow the customer to request their color, however we can offer beige and grey colour options for One Trip containers. If you’re ordering multiple units, we can usually guarantee matching units (upon request, based on availability).

We recommend pressure washing and painting used containers after delivery.

Need to export my container

Exporting a container is far more complex than buying one.  We highly recommend all customers who need to use their container for export work with a freight forwarder first… and then reach out to us to buy the container about a week or two before you plan to pick it up.

We also recommend that your freight forwarder coordinate all of the trucking.  Because we offer ground level delivery, and can’t move loaded containers, you’ll likely need a crane to load your container onto the chassis when the truck comes to pick it up.  A simpler option is to work with your freight forwarder to arrange a hauler to drop the container on a chassis so you won’t need a crane to load it onto the trailer later.

We are happy to provide a cargo worthy (CWO) container, as well as coordinate a CSC survey at the depot prior to your hauler picking up the container (learn more about CSC surveys here)

do you move loaded containers

We do not move loaded containers under any circumstance.

If you need moving services, we suggest calling companies like PODS.

i have a container, can you move it?

We do not move containers we did not sell/rent.

If you need an existing container moved, we recommend working with a local heavy haul company or heavy duty wrecking/towing company.

can i see pics of containers before i buy ?

Because the containers are stacked at the intermodal depot, we cannot obtain photos or guarantee a specific unit. The depots are storing empty shipping containers for shipping lines and intermodal equipment providers. When we place an order for our customers, they just get the next container off the stack that meets their criteria.

We help our customers buy containers from the depot, the same way the big national storage container companies buy their boxes. When you buy through Western Container Sales, you’re buying a shipping container at wholesale, pulled directly from cargo circulation. We help you navigate the process of purchasing a used shipping container directly from the cargo pool.

i have a container, can you move it?

We do not move containers we did not sell/rent.

If you need an existing container moved, we recommend working with a local heavy haul company or heavy duty wrecking/towing company.

A lot of our competitors use grades like “A Grade” but that’s a bit misleading, we think. If you call the big national rental companies and they tell you they can sell you an “A Grade” box that just means a container that is wind/water tight and may or may not have been painted since they bought it. Or maybe it’s got less rust than you’d normally expect on an average WWT grade unit.  

Either way, it’s a grading system totally based on opinion and we’ve seen a lot of variability as to what people call “A Grade” around the country. If you hear “A Grade” you can safely translate it to “WWT” condition.

does shipping containers comes with title

Because containers are generally considered a by-product of trade, they are not titled.  In order to move a container, you’ll always need a trailer (which will require a title and vehicle registration), but the container itself does not require title or registration in the United States.

We make every effort to comply with local and national tax laws, so please note that this may change at some point.

can i visit intermodel depot ?

Intermodal depots are extremely busy places, and 90%+ of container traffic at depots is cargo related.  Unless you have specific business to attend to at the depot, we don’t recommend visiting.

Customers who are picking up their own equipment will be provided with a release number and depot information… however unless you have a release number already we recommend waiting to visit the depot.

why 10f containers expensive

You can’t fit a lot of cargo in a 10′ container, so they’re not a commonly used size for shipping companies.  10’s are usually only used for custom projects and are very uncommon.

can i pick up my container ?

If you have the proper equipment to safely transport a shipping container, our preferred option is for the customer to pick-up their own box.

After purchase, we will provide you with a release number and pick-up information. You can then go to the intermodal depot on the release and have the container loaded on your truck.

Please be aware you are required to comply with all DOT and OSHA rules while at the intermodal depot and Western Container Sales cannot be liable for any issues during transport.

If you don’t have a truck capable of safely hauling a container, we can help you with delivery.

how secure is your payment methods ?

We take your online security seriously. All payment processing happens on secure third party sites like Stripe, Bread, or Shopify’s Payment Gateway (credit cards used in the Shopify portal are processed by Shopify Payments, which is powered by Stripe, and credit card payments for rentals are processed by Stripe). Western Container Sales uses these third party sites because they are industry leaders in eCommerce transactions. Stripe is trusted by companies like Pinterest and lyft for processing online payments. 

Beyond the payment, our site is validated with the high level SSL encryption. Because all of our payment processing is managed by third parties, Western Container Sales doesn’t keep complete information regarding your credit card or payment method (only enough to identify your transaction). Our goal is to ensure a high level of transaction security for all of our customers.